5.314 Pusit Adobong

-Cycle 5, Item 314-
15 (Sat) November 2014

Pusit Adobong


at Seafood Market Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila-

with Bae JH, Kim KH, Lee HS

KH/HS Come to Town, Day 2 (see previously 5.313 White Pepper Lobster).

Took a day trip to Anilao.  ASDC (see generally 5.189 Gganpung Gi).  First diving experience for both KH and HS.  JH joined us.  

Upon our return to Manila, we went to Seafood Market Restaurant for dinner (see most recently 5.224 Seafood Fried Rice with Green Beans in Spicy Black Bean Sauce).  Becoming something of a post-dive-trip tradition, it makes perfect sense to eat seafood after swimming among the fishes all day--I wonder if cowboys like to eat steak after bringing in the herd.

For their introductory dive, they didn't get to wear fin, just horsed around on the seabed, 5 meters below the surface; by contrast, on my first dive, I was thrown into the water, fins and all, and dragged down to 28 meters (see generally 5.154 Kakuni Ramen)--now seems insane. 

They were allowed to wear fins for the second dive but still required dive masters to hold them up from behind.

Discovered a new dish that may be a candidate for the menu at the next gathering of the Korean WPRO staff (see most recently 5.249 Deep-Fried Tofu with Vegetables in Oyster Sauce): pusit adobong (see generally 5.089 Calamares al Ajillo).  Hadn't realized that this method of preparation was even an option.  The sharp flavors provide a distinct contrast to other dishes in the repertoire.  

Hungry on the way back, we stopped by Jollibee for snacks; they were wildly amused that rice comes with fried chicken in the Philippines. 

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