5.315 TEITY 21 Highlight : Bihon with Scallops & Lettuce in Superior Soup (hotpot)

-Cycle 5, Item 315-
16 (Sun) November 2014

Bihon with Scallops & Lettuce in Superior Soup


at Tao Yuan

-Malate, Manila-

with Kim KH, Lee HS

TEITY.  Try Every Item at Tao Yuan* (see previously 5.313 White Pepper Lobster). Attempting to eat my way through the restaurant, all 222 items (excluding shark's fin and desserts).  From what I've seen so far, it would seem to be one of the best in the neighborhood, solid on all counts: taste, quality, variety, service, vibe, proximity, maybe price.  Once I've tried everything, I'll know exactly what to get, depending on the circumstances, whether it's for a quick bite on my own, a casual night out with friends/colleagues/family, or a formal occasion hosting bosses/VIPs.  That kind of certainty, in the unpredictable culinary landscape of Manila, will be invaluable.

*The domain has recently expired, but I leave the link in case it comes back up.

Something of a sequel to TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place), which had me eating my way through an entire mall, all 85 restaurants (see generally 5.247 Original Recipe Fried Chicken...), much to my eternal regret and shame.

9 new dishes tonight, total 103 down, 119 remaining; 21 visits so far, averaging 4.9 items per visit as of tonight, on pace to finish at TEITY 47.

BLUE: highly recommended / GREEN: respectable / YELLOW: mediocre / ORANGE: better avoided / RED: never again / GREY: off-limits due to ethical concerns

KH/HS Come to Town, Day 3 (see previously 5.314 Pusit Adobong).

Angeles is a city in the Philippines.  Infamous internationally for its massive red light district, which once thrived under the shadow of the former Clark Air Base, the largest US military installation outside the US at the time.  Located about 75 km northwest of Manila.  

Though my guests were intent on making a pilgrimage to sin city and observing the sabbath there, I nixed the idea.  Nothing to do with morality, just didn't feel like taking a 4-hour round-trip car-ride to see and do things available around my own neighborhood within minutes on foot.  

So, we spent a quiet day in Manila.  Slept in.  For lunch, My Kitchen (see most recently 5.270 Risoni Pilaf).  After, a tour of WHO WPRO.  Sunset on the pier at Harbor View (see most recently 5.089 Calamares al Ajillo).  A horse carriage ride to Intramuros and a glimpse of San Agustin Church.  Dinner at Tao Yuan.  Early to bed for me, more fun for them into the wee hours--don't what they did, didn't ask, probably something to compensate for Angeles.   

Whereas my plan for dinner had been to watch the sun set over Manila Bay from the pier at Harbor View then hang out amidst the sea breezes and sample various local dishes throughout the evening, my guests didn't seem that enthusiastic about staying on after nightfall.  I suspect that the lack of air-conditioning*** was a major factor.  But more than that, I think that they just wanted to eat Korean food, or at least something familiar.   When they mentioned broth, I thought of hotpot, and when I thought of hotpot, I thought of Tao Yuan.  The point is, I didn't intend on taking them to Tao Yuan again, just turned out that way.  

After just a couple days, they've come to adore kangkong and adobo.

A fantastic meal to close out the visit.  Couldn't have planned it better.  The hot pot here is consistently excellent.  

Taiwan Pechay (bokchoy) (3.25) (top) + Chinese Mustard (2.5) (bottom)--very similar in flavor, though I preferred the bokchoy in texture.

Beef Kimchi Slice (2.0)--paper-thin slices of unmarinated tenderloin on a thin bed of shredded onion/carrot, don't know what the "kimchi" refers to.

They brought several bottles of Scotch, which have been fueling our dinners from the getgo.

Local Geo Duck (2.0)--aka "elephant clam;" served both as sashimi and for hotpot; somewhat fishy when eaten raw, but okay after a quick dip in the broth.

Pork Meat Ball (1.0)--way porky; thus far, the only item from the hot pot menu that's been an outright miss.

Beef Tendon (2.25)--somewhat disappointing in this form, compared to the braised dish (see generally 5.288 Special Beef Brisket in Pot).

Local Scallop (2.5)

Lettuce (3.25)--while iceberg lettuce tends to be used only in salads in sandwiches in American cooking, I learned from Chinese friends that it also works quite well in soups (e.g., ramen) and stir-fries (e.g., fried rice), holding up against the heat and retaining a bit of crunch, a fresh touch.

Bihon (2.0)--the best part of the meal: noodle soup in the remaining broth.

As a courtesy, they gave us complimentary mango for dessert--incidentally, I also get an automatic 10% discount these days.



10 (Fri) April 2015

Finished (see generally 6.095 Done).


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  2. Something of a sequel to TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place), which had me eating my way through an entire mall, all 85 restaurants (see generally 5.247 Original Recipe Fried Chicken...), much to my eternal regret and shame.
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