5.334 Bamboo Rice

-Cycle 5, Item 334-
5 (Fri) December 2014

Bamboo Rice


at Bistro Remedios

-Malate, Manila-

with ML

Among the greats at Bistro Remedios (see generally 5.125 Sinuteng Baby Pusit), the bamboo rice stands iconic.  Initially stir-fried and seasoned to perfection, with shrimp and chicken and mushrooms, then steamed in a bamboo tube, which imparts an additional layer of grassy flavor.  Seemingly simple but way more dynamically intriguing than appearances would suggest.  An excellent dish, whether standing alone or supporting others.

Entertaining a first-time visitor to Manila, who wanted to try local fare, Bistro Remedios was the ideal venue.

Not as good as before, but still pretty good (see generally 5.329 Tortang Talong).

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