5.335 Chicken Tausi

-Cycle 5, Item 335-
6 (Sat) December 2014

Chicken Tausi


by Philippine Airlines

on Flight PR 209

-Somewhere Over the Pacific Ocean-


Mission to Australia, Day 1.

Details to be explained in a future post, I'm headed to Melbourne, where I'll be participating in a workshop for the duration of next week.

The direct flight from Manila is 8.5 hours, just shy of the 9-hour minimum that would've entitled me to business class under the Organization's duty travel policy, but the fare difference was only $208, so I happily paid out-of-pocket and got the upgrade.

However, I was a bit disappointed by the experience.  1st, the only Scotch on the menu was Johnny Walker Black Label--how very coach.  2nd, the food was decent but unimaginative--also very coach--merely plated on porcelain, even though it still didn't look that great.  3rd, the seats didn't recline a full 180 degrees.  4th, the blankets and pillows--same as those back in coach.  And 5th, in lieu of the outdated video monitors, we were given iPads instead, which provided better picture quality but presented difficulty in maintaining the screen at a proper angle.  Poor me, right?

What may appear to be complaints are comparative observations derived from other, relatively better, business class flights that I've been blessed to experience.   Seriously, I'm grateful for every opportunity to travel in the course of my work, regardless of route, carrier, class, destination.

Smoked Tea Prawns with Mango Avocado Salsa (3.0)--the salsa was pretty good.

Douchi is a Chinese seasoning.  Fermented black beans.  Commonly used for stir-fries.  In the Philippines, where it's referred to as "taosi/tausi," it's often paired with fish or chicken or sometimes tofu.

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