5.344 TEITY 30 Highlight : Crab Powder Ball (hotpot)

-Cycle 5, Item 344-
15 (Mon) December 2014

Crab Powder Ball


at Tao Yuan

-Malate, Manila-

with EK

TEITY.  Try Every Item at Tao Yuan* (see previously 5.332 The Pilot Spread).  Attempting to eat my way through the restaurant, all 222 items (excluding shark's fin and desserts).  From what I've seen so far, it would seem to be one of the best in the neighborhood, solid on all counts: taste, quality, variety, service, vibe, proximity, maybe price.  Once I've tried everything, I'll know exactly what to get, depending on the circumstances, whether it's for a quick bite on my own, a casual night out with friends/colleagues/family, or a formal occasion hosting bosses/VIPs.  That kind of certainty, in the unpredictable culinary landscape of Manila, will be invaluable.

*The domain has recently expired, but I leave the link in case it comes back up.

Something of a sequel to TERRP (Try Every Restaurant in Robinsons Place), which had me eating my way through an entire mall, all 85 restaurants (see generally 5.247 Original Recipe Fried Chicken...), much to my eternal regret and shame.

10 new items tonight, total 162 down, 60 remaining; 30 visits so far, averaging 5.4 items per visit as of tonight, on pace to finish at TEITY 43.

BLUE: highly recommended / GREEN: respectable / YELLOW: mediocre / ORANGE: better avoided / RED: never again / GREY: off-limits due to ethical concerns

Despite the name of the item, as well as its initial appearance, sounding and looking dubiously artificial, the Crab Powder Ball was surprisingly good.  Fishcake on the outside, filled with some kind of paste, possibly containing crab roe.  Not great, but interesting. 

Double Soup in Pot (2.0)--on the right, not the traditional Sichuan peppercorn (see generally 3.358 Crystal Hot Pot), just generically spicy with a touch of five-spice, but okay; left side, totally bland; go for the all-out Sichuan Spicy Soup in Pot.

Fresh Sliced Squid (2.25).

Crab Powder Ball (3.0) + Cold Tofu (1.0)--the tofu: deep-fried, frozen, served semi-thawed, weirdly spongy.

Shell Meat (0.5)--some kind of clams, gross.

Watercress (3.0) + Radish Stick (2.5).

More Swedish whisky from Gustaf!!

Fresh Sliced Beef (2.5)--not "fresh," but rather prepared in that Chinese way that makes the meat unnaturally squishy tender.

Sotanghon (3.0)--glass vermicelli, the advantage is that type of noodle doesn't go soggy in the broth.



10 (Fri) April 2015

Finished (see generally 6.095 Done).


  1. No review/comment on the whisky? :)

  2. FYI, I attended a malt whisky tasting at the home of a colleague here, and the Mackmyra was a major hit, especially as nobody had ever even seen a bottle of it. A bit more minerally and lighter than Scotch, but interesting in the contrast.

  3. Nice to hear!
    I hope you are still blogging away at your new blog. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to read up on what you are doing for quite a while. Life just happens I guess.. Work and life..
    Missing cooking Korean food, but due to the fact that I don't have that many people around me here who know and are able to appreciate it, it is harder to give myself the time for it...

    But talking about food, I'm actually going to China on Tuesday, gonna travel around with my gf for almost four weeks (gotta love living in a country where I have a legal right to at least 5 weeks vacation a year :D). Going to Dalian-Qingdao-Xian-Chongqing-Beijing. Can you recommend any restaurants or dishes we should not miss???