5.349 Lumpia

-Cycle 5, Item 349-
20 (Sat) December 2014



at Bar 1951

-Malate, Manila-

with SCREAM et al.

Bar 1951 is a pub.  Drinks and eats.  Live music.  Old school, dive vibe.  Popular hang-out among some of the folks at work.  Formerly known as "The Penguin."  Located on Adriatico, a couple blocks south of Remedios Circle.

The occasion was a dual farewell party for CAL and JR, both of whom finished their contracts with the regional office this week.   While they will remain within the organization--one continuing to fight the good fight at HQ in Geneva, the other in the Cambodia country office--their departure, each individually and together at the same time, will be a huge loss to us here.  Having worked with them extensively over the past year, CAL in particular, I learned a lot from them and will always be grateful for their support.  And of course on a personal level, they've become dear friends, so I will miss them very much.  

The venue was Bar 1951.

Come to think of it, back in January, just after I'd joined WPRO, the very first night out with the gang ended at Bar 1951 (see generally 5.102 California Maki Roll) (the post mentions only the restaurant).  Full circle.  

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