5.350 Kimuchi Yudofu Set

-Cycle 5, Item 350-
21 (Sun) December 2014

Kimuchi Yudofu Set


at Asunaro (Pan-Pacific Hotel)

-Malate, Manila-

with CAL, EK

Asunaro is now my go-to destination when I'm in the mood for Japanese (see most recently 5.348 American Lobster Aburi Gunkan).

In addition to variety and quality, the place also offers value and fun in an extensive array of mix & match set menus.  Choice of 1 main dish (among 44) + 2 mini appetizers (among 23) + 1 rice/noodle (among 3) + 1 dessert (among 7) = 42,504 possible combinations of items that would otherwise have to be ordered individually.   Awesome.

Yes, I did consider the possibility of initiating either TEIA (Try Every Item at Asunaro) or TESMA (Try Every Set Menu at Asunaro).  In either case, the scale of the task was unbearably seductive to a masochistic glutton like me.

Just in case, on my first visit, I signed up for a membership card, which provides a discount on all meals and allows for BYOB and free storage.

Sets range in price from 450 pesos (e.g., yaki gyoza) to 1050 pesos (sushi matsu), about 200-250 more than the main dish would cost a la carte.

They're "set" in the noun sense that the dishes come in a group, but certainly not in the adjective sense that the selections are fixed.

But no, I've decided against it.  Unlike the other "Try Every..." projects, I don't think that a mainstream Japanese restaurant like Asunaro carries much potential for any new/fun/exciting/learning/disturbing experiences.  I'd merely end up getting sick of what would appear to be a perfectly respectable place.

I'll just drop by whenever I feel like enjoying a nice Japanese meal.

Spicy Maguro (2.5)--rather than sriracha, as in American-style sushi joints, the "spicy" here involves Korean chogochujang, which was okay, but would work better with a white fish, like Koreans would do it.

Kimuchi Yudofu (3.0)--white Japanese-style kimuchi and soft tofu (yudofu), the dish was nice and light in flavor and texture; incidentally, the portion was so immense that it was too much even for 3 of us sharing it.  

Agedashi Tofu (1.0)--okay sauce and topping, but the deep-fry crust on the tofu was weird.

Mango (4.0).

Tonight was the first time, as far as I can recall, that I've shared a meal with CAL and EK together, which is surprising as they are the two people with whom I have broken the most bread in Manila, coincidentally both tagged at 29 GMTD dinners each, but never at the same table.


  1. omg, free uni? wonder if they would let you get two orders, lol

  2. in fact, yes, they do allow 2 of the same. but remember, it's not "free." it's part of the "set."

    but uni needs to be extremely fresh, very quickly it starts to break down into goop and starts to get stinky (before ordering uni at a restaurant, see if you can see it on display behind the glass at the sushi bar--each piece should look like a mini tongue, with individual buds clearly intact; if it looks runny, pass on it); i'm not very confident that i'll get fresh uni in malate, even in a hotel.

  3. 29 dinners, how very coincidental! as far as i can tell, for me, it was the first dinner with her; i had lunch with her several times on various occasions, though. actually, i wanted to have some lunch/dinner with her to say good-bye before she left. thanks for making that happen and for your functioning the social glue!

    btw, you've got a point there when you said it would be less fun/exciting to go for "TEIA" or "TESMA". fun dining experiences is integral part of staving off boredom from living in manila.

  4. social glue--ha!

    anyway, i am very glad that TERDPPHD did lead me to discover asunaro, which otherwise i probably would not have known for a long time--I'm surprised that you never mentioned it to me, even though you were well aware that it's good.

  5. come on, i did mention it to you! but you were so much into TEITY at that time that you didn't seem to pay proper attention to it. also, i too was enjoying TEITY, and didn't bother to strongly steer toward asunaro. ;p

    if it makes you feel any better, before you went there, i was thinking that i would treat you dinner at asunaro before i left.

  6. well, thanks for the thought!