5.356 Soya Cake with Three Kinds Mushrooms

-Cycle 5, Item 356-
27 (Sat) December 2014

Soya Cake with Three Kinds Mushrooms


at Golden Fortune Restaurant

-Ermita, Manila-

with the family

Christmas with the Family in the PHL, Day 5 (see previously 5.355 Seafood Pizza).

The family is in town.  Arrived Wednesday.  Their second visit to the Philippines since I relocated here (see previously 5.121 Lechon).  We're spending Christmas here through tomorrow and fly back to Korea together on Monday.  No special plans.  Having everyone around, just hanging out, makes it feels like home.

At the crack of dawn, we packed our bags and left Eagle Point like bats out of hell.

We drove down the street to Anilao Scuba Dive Center (see generally 5.189 Gganpung Gi).  I would taken them there from the start--warm hospitality and great food and good times and reasonable prices, guaranteed--but its sparse facilities don't seem very family-friendly upon first impression; the wife wouldn't have appreciated it without the crappy experience of Eagle Point for comparison.  Awesome Korean home-style breakfast, snorkelling in the ocean all morning (I managed to squeeze in one dive), Korean BBQ lunch on the beach.  A most fulfilling day, wiping out all memories of Eagle Point, totally worth the trip.  

Next time, ASDC from the get-go for sure.

Nowadays, I can't imagine eating anything but this after a dive.

Golden Fortune Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant.  Specializes in Cantonese cuisine, particularly seafood.  Located across the street from work, the closest/only real restaurant in the area, it's a popular place for us to have lunch, especially Korean staff.  

*A perfectly respectable establishment, somewhat on the high end, not just some local lunch dive; in fact, the second and third floors consist of large banquet rooms that are often reserved for big parties on special occasions.

 But for some reason, we never think about having dinner here, probably because (a) we go for lunch so often and (b) we want to get as far away as we can from work after work. 

Tonight marks my 18th visit (as far as I can recall), but shockingly the first time for dinner*.  Among the restaurants in Manila that I've been to the most, Golden Fortune ranks second (Tao Yuan leads at 32, My Kitchen third at 12 and Seafood Market fourth at 11).  

Crystal Prawns (3.0)

  Minced Pork in Lettuce Cups (3.5)

My favorite dish at Golden Fortune is the Soya Cake with Three Kinds Mushrooms.  Egg tofu, silky and sweet and creamy.  Lightly deep-fried for a delicate savory skin. Enoki, shiitake, button mushrooms, each providing a distinctive chewy texture and woodsy flavor.  All doused in a pitch-perfect oyster sauce gravy.  Divine on its own as an appetizer, even better as a main dish with steamed rice.  Maybe my favorite dish in all of Manila, certainly the one dish that I've had more than any other here, can never get enough.  I was proud to share it with my family.

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