5.359 Jaengban Ban

-Cycle 5, Item 359-
30 (Tue) December 2014

Jaengban Ban


at Pyeongyang Myeonok

-Nonhyeon, Seoul-

with Jang HJ, Lee SW

The Prodigal Son Returns to Welcome the New Year, Day 2 (see previously 5.358 A Typical Korean At-Home Meal).

After spending Christmas with the family in the Philippines (see most recently 5.357 Chicago Cowboy Steak), I've come back with them to Korea to celebrate the New Year, arriving yesterday night, returning on Saturday evening.

On this final trip home at year's end, the evening after getting in, I'm eating the same dish* at the same restaurant that I had on the evening before I shipped off to Manila at the start of the year (see generally 5.003 Jangban Ban).  Full circle.

The last time that I had dinner with this group of friends was exactly the same date last year (see previously 4.359 Yangjangpi).  Full circle.

Maintaining this blog, I appreciate the patterns that it reveals, however coincidental they may be (see for example 5.351 Chili Prawns; 5.349 Lumpia).

 Because the noodles in Pyeongyang-style mul naengmyeon contain little if any starch to provide structure, overcooking by mere seconds will result in an unpleasantly doughy texture; a clear sign of overcooking is when the noodles don't lump together, as shown above--if that's the case, demand a redo, as we did...

...until the noodles come out properly coherent, as here.

*Wasn't as good tonight, the meat being a bit gamy.

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