5.365 Linguine in Clam Sauce with Rucola

-Cycle 5, Item 365-
5 (Mon) January 2015

Linguine in Clam Sauce with Rucola


by me

in my apartment

-Ermita, Manila-


And so Cycle 5 comes to an end.

With 1826 posts to date, including this one, the information has become so expansive/extensive that I can no longer maintain statistics with precision.

In fact, the internal search function can't handle the load anymore, so I have to google my own blog to find information from older posts.

The only number that I can offer is that the blog appears to have generated 106,366 hits during Cycle 5 (calculated by taking the total current hits as of today and subtracting the hits from the previous cycles: 56,319 in Cycle 4, 41,764 in Cycle 3, 16,156 in Cycle 2, and 2,015 in Cycle 1), about 290 hits per day on average.  At this rate, I could achieve the status of a one-million-hits-per-day power blogger by the conclusion of Cycle 17.

In any case, along the lines of how I wrapped Cycle 4 (see generally 4.365 Rice & Egg Porridge), here's the highlight reel for Cycle 5...

MOST HISTORICALLY SYMBOLIC: On the evening of moving into an apartment in Manila, initially for a sojourn of just three months, this meal represents the beginning of what has since become an official expatriation in the Philippines, possibly for years to come; it was also the launch of TERRP (see 5.008 TERRP 1(1.01) C2 Classic Cuisine : Chicken Pork Adobo + Siningag).

WORST DISH: The only 0.0 of the cycle (see 5.019 TERRP 6(1.06) Tempura : Ramen Burger), epitomizing most of the crap endured throughout TERRP.

BEST EXAMPLE OF FOOD CULTURE GONE WRONG: Both the featured abomination and the supplementary stuff about the TV program (see 5.031 TERRP 11(1.11) Wendy's : Baconator Mushroom Melt).

BEST PHOTO: It's all about timing (see 5.066 TERRP 30(1.27) Yasu : Oyakodon).

BEST DISH BY OTHER: Regardless of the maternal connection, she does objectively make the best kimchi (see 5.070 Mom's Kimchi (+ Beef/Pork & Corn Curry Rice).

RUNNER-UP BEST MEAL BY OTHER: Courtesy of CAL, the first of many exquisite Spanish meals throughout the cycle (see 5.081 Home-Cooked Spanish Cuisine, Home-Cooked by a Spaniard).

MOST PROFESSIONALLY SIGNIFICANT: It's what brought me to Manila (see 5.094 Not What I'd Ordered).

 BEST SURPRISE: Regrettably, however, I failed to live up to the faith and promise of Gustaf's care package, preparing just 2 Swedish meals this cycle, including this one (see 5.100 Tomatsill with Baguette); but I will make up for it in 2015.

MOST PERSONALLY TOUCHING: The featured item, as well as the supplementary stuff on tobacco marketing, both relating to the same kid (see 5.102 Potato & Corn Croquettes).

BEST PRESENTATION: Alas, more style than substance (see 5.139 Dragon Sukiyaki).

BIGGEST RIP-OFF: But I'm glad to have tried, if only so I never have to again (see 5.143 Good Award Kobe Beef Steak Course).

BEST RESTAURANT (MAKATI): Spanish, of course (see 5.157 Angulas a la Vasca).

BEST MEAL: Spanish again, this time in Spain, perhaps the greatest meal that I've experienced in my life (see 5.200 Okondo Bolletus Cream with Fried Egg).

BEST DISH (PREPARED) BY ME: I did choose the combination of items and assemble the spread--tasty, easy, fun...Spanish (see 5.201 Livin' La Vida Barca).

MOST RECREATIONALLY SUPPORTIVE: Beyond the food itself (see 5.223 Galbi Tang and More), I've come to appreciate this establishment in so many ways.

BEST?MOST?BIGGEST?WORST? PROJECT: Still not quite sure how I feel about TERRP, even though it did generate a wealth of source material to write about here (see 5.247 TERRP 85(4.11) KFC : Original Recipe Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes).

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: The long hard fall from grace (see 5.254 Lamb Keftedes).

MOST CULTURALLY ENGAGING: Made me feel like a local (see 5.278 Local Lunch Again!).

BEST DISH (COOKED) BY ME: A simple and obvious yet nonetheless profound breakthrough, like that guy who first wore pants (see 5.303 Doenjang Jjigae); few candidates in this category with only 34 "by me" items this cycle, compared to an average of 160 in each previous cycle. 

MOST GEOGRAPHICALLY GROUNDED: While the kangaroo and the emu would also qualify, the wallaby dish was the best of the bunch (see 5.338 Wild Harrisa Spiced Wallaby).

BEST RESTAURANT DISH: Confirms that Spanish cuisine may now be my all-time favorite among Western/European traditions (see 5.341 Cecina).

BEST RESTAURANT (MANILA): Where they tie my shoelaces for me (see most recently 5.347 TEITY 31 Highlight : Japanese-Style Corn Soup).


  1. "status of a one-million-hits-per-day power blogger by the conclusion of Cycle 17"--wow, i hope you will keep doing this blogging. good luck!

    i shoud've taken a picture of that scene when they tied your shoelaces while getting down on their one knee.

  2. funny, we just had a meeting with our new PIO, who warned us about saying stupid things on social media that could reflect badly on our reputation as international civil servants, and I wondered if maybe I should take the part out about the shoelaces.